Monday, August 27, 2012

MLG fracas and why I'll never play League of Legends.

Okay, so in case you haven't heard, at MLG Raleigh this past weekend, MLG disqualified the top two teams after their finals, because they colluded to split the prize money.  The investigation wasn't difficult because the teams talked about it in a public, crowded room and then played ARAM (all random, all mid, a silly rules variant) for game 1.  The teams, of course, deny any wrongdoing (other than playing a retarded game 1), and the fans have flooded the LoL forums with posts about how they didn't break any rules, after MLG explained what rule they broke.  Between the nonsense on the LoL forums (which make the Blizzard forums look civil, intellectual, and grammatically correct), and the following gem of a Twitter conversation, I don't think I'll find myself playing League anytime soon.

Sadly, friend Rory didn't respond to Sundance.  I would really like to know how one of the foremost pioneers in American e-sports doesn't "get e-sports at all."

League fans, I apologize if it seems like I'm painting your entire (enormous) fanbase with a broad brush.  To be honest, I probably am doing that.  However, I flat-out refuse to be part of a community who behaves as badly as LoL players do on a regular basis in-game and defends people when they clearly break the rules.  Even if I really enjoy the game itself, which in LoL's case, I really do.

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