Monday, October 15, 2012

Longest. Post. Ever.

Let me preface this post by saying that I'm going to make an honest attempt to avoid the "X is killing eSports" meme.  Let me continue by saying that I'm probably going to fail.


Dear Starcraft 2 Professionals,

As a Starcraft 2 fan, please indulge me by listening to a bit of free advice:

If you don't want people calling your sponsors, don't say stupid shit, especially on the internet.

"Professional" does not only mean "you are good at something."  There is a standard of behavior that comes with the moniker.  Look at all the real sports (yes, I said real) out there.  When they say or do stupid things, they get punished.  An NFL coach took a referee's arm two weeks ago, and was promptly fined $50k for it.  How many times was Ozzie Guillen fined as the White Sox manager for raging at umpires?  How many NBA players have been fined for raging at referees?  You're not special; you won't "get away" with it just because you're not on national TV.  In fact, since eSports is so small right now (compared to the real pro sports), there is less room for your crap, because of the relationship between teams and sponsors.  Sponsors who don't advertise computer parts see eSports as a niche market at best.  If that market becomes more trouble than what it's worth, the sponsor will pull the plug.  Common sense.  So for all the Destinys, for all the Stephanos, for all the Naniwas out there:  Congratulations, your bullshit makes it harder for your industry to grow.  Way to bite the hand that feeds you.


Dear eSports fanbase/community,

As a fellow eSports enthusiast, please indulge me by listening to a bit of free advice:

If people calling sponsors bugs you that much, don't follow players that say stupid shit or teams that tolerate it.

By watching Destiny's stream everyday, you directly empower him to behave like a complete tool whenever the opportunity arises.  Because of his inexplicable popularity, his shenanigans are instantly catapulted into the spotlight, making it that much more likely that somebody will be angry enough to contact a sponsor.  While we're on that subject, let me clarify something for you:

The people who contact sponsors are not the problem.

They are consumers just like you and I, and have every right to tell a company that they don't like what they support.  How many people refuse to eat at Chick-fil-a because of their flap with the Henson Company?  They are not the problem.  You are part of the problem.  You are the one defending the people who make eSports less attractive to sponsors.  You are making eSports less attractive to sponsors.  If you actually think that the kind of behavior that gets players dropped or fined or suspended is okay, do this for me.  Get a real job, and once you have that job, start acting like these players.  Give a coworker pictures of your genitalia before trashing them around the water cooler in a "private conversation."  Call people n*****s and f*****s.  Make jokes about abusing children and defend yourself by saying your "privacy was invaded."  Let me know how long you last.

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